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FUT 21 Headliners

time 2021-01-10 00:00

The Headliners are unique dynamic player items, with permanent base upgrades. These player items can be upgraded further based on the individual and collective performances of the concerned players during the current season. The players that will be featured as Headliners are those who are currently displaying excellent results or coming back from injury. Some simply look promising due to various factors such as the arrival of a new manager, a change in their usual position. Regardless, Headliners will be at the center of the actuality this year.
When the Headliners player items release, they will come with a base upgrade that will give them higher stats than their base item or their latest qualifying performance based In-Form. The latter includes their performances as Team of The Week, MOTM, Hero or Team of the Group Stage item. Headliner items will receive an in-form upgrade, every time the player gets a performance based In-Form. According to EA it will make sure that the Headliner item of these player gets the better upgraders until the end of the season.
Headliners will get an additional permanent upgrade if their club wins four successive games in their domestic league this season. This particular upgrade is a one-time bonus. Headliners item that benefit from it will stay two In-Forms ahead of their last performance based In-Form during the rest of FUT 21 life cycle. EA has already released the first batch of FUT 21 Headliners on January 1, with the second team announced for January 8. The first team includes players like Ben Yedder, Joao Felix, Fabinho, Bruno Fernandes or Wilfried Zaha. Make sure to stay tuned for the next release.
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