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FUT 21: Low Tier Icon Player Cards

time 2021-04-04 00:00

Are you still reminiscent of the legendary old days where football maestros like Luis Figo and Kaka still exist?

In FUT 21, you can certainly recruit Icon Player Cards into your current team roster, creating the perfect football team of old and new that you’ve always dreamed about.

However, not everything is clear-cut and easy.

Icon Player Cards are amongst the most expensive cards out there, most of them costing more than 500k FUT coins for the most popular players like Paolo Maldini and Gianfranco Zola.

Still, if you scour long enough within the FUT 21 marketplace, you can certainly find some iconic player cards worth less than 250k FUT coins each, if you know where to look.

Here are five (5) suggested Icon Player Cards that would seem much more sensible for your FUT coin spending:

1. Michael Owen (Icon) = OVR 86
Estimated FUT coins: 136k – 196k

The former Ballon D’Or winner is a speedy finisher during his prime. Although his short stature makes him a primary target for bigger defenders to bully, his pace and quick-thinking makes him lethal in front of goal, with not many capable of matching his finesse shots at the time.

Notable attributes:
Shooting (Positioning): 92
Shooting (Finishing): 90
Shooting (Volleys): 88
Dribbling (Reactions): 91
Dribbling (Dribbling): 86

2. Fernando Hierro (Icon) = OVR 86
Estimated FUT coins: 202k – 260k

Former Spanish footballer, Fernando Hierro was a staunch defender for Real Madrid. He rarely makes mistakes on the pitch, with great heading abilities in the air too. He won many countless domestic and European titles with the Spanish giants, throughout his career.

Notable attributes:
Defending (Heading Accuracy): 89
Defending (Standing Tackle): 88
Defending (Interceptions): 87
Physicality (Jumping): 92
Physicality (Strength): 85

3. Juan Sebastian Veron (Icon) = OVR 86
Estimated FUT coins: 140k – 200k

Veron was a monster in the middle of the pitch, both during his Argentinian international career as well as professional club periods across Europe. The ex-Inter Milan and Manchester United midfielder scored plenty of screamers during his days, also very aggressive in defending the ball.

Notable attributes:
Shooting (Shot Power): 89
Shooting (Long Shots): 88
Shooting (Penalties): 90
Dribbling (Composure): 91
Physicality (Aggression): 88

4. Peter Schmeichel (Icon) = OVR 86
Estimated FUT coins: 209k – 311k

The Dane was a respected goalkeeper during the good old days. Always calm and composed, yet strict and loud when it comes to organizing the defence, he was a natural leader between the sticks.

Notable attributes:
Reflexes: 89
Diving: 85
Dribbling (Reactions): 84
Handling: 81
Positioning: 81

5. Gennaro Gattuso (Icon) = OVR 87
Estimated FUT coins: 165k – 219k

Gattuso was almost always referred to as the Italian mobster. He was never afraid of anyone on the pitch, even colliding heads with his teammates and coaches too. Still, when he vents his anger accordingly, you may not find any other player capable of making those steadfast tackles while also protecting the defensive lines consistently.

Notable attributes:
Defending (Interceptions): 93
Defending (Standing Tackle): 90
Defending (Sliding Tackle): 90
Physicality (Stamina): 93
Physicality (Aggression): 97

These players can surely fit into any FUT 21 squad that you are currently building, with cheap Icon player values to consider too!

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