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FUT 21: The FUT Birthday Anniversary Event Has Arrived

time 2021-04-06 00:00

FUT 21 players are invited to take part in the FUT Birthday celebration. The time has come once again to celebrate the most beloved FUT 21 mode. This year Ultimate Team is turning 12. The mode has tremendously grown in the past years. With each game installation, the developers add more activities and items. The mode is not getting bigger but also better. Ultimate Team is on the watch list for constant bug fixes and improvements. The team has prepared a new selection of items and special activities that allow players to add more cards to their FUT roster. We have unique items to collect and themed activities such as daily Squad Building Challenges and Objectives.

FUT Birthday Activities

The event comes with new squads, SBCs, streak rewards, and login rewards. We have two special birthday teams. These cards are available in packs. They will be released in two batches. You have the chance to obtain these premium items as long as the event is running. We remind you that this is a time-limited promotion so act fast if you want to add the cards to your collection. The player cards that have been selected to be part of the celebration benefit from a special upgrade. They will get a five-star boost to their skill move or weak foot attribute. They will also have better stats as a result of the upgrade. Special SBCs are other activities that players can enjoy throughout the FUT anniversary event. For this year's celebration, we remember some of the best cards in this mode. Players are invited to complete the anniversary Squad Building Challenges that will be available for as long as the event is active. The rewards feature special cards that have an upgrade just like the items from the birthday teams.

FUT Birthday Rewards

The more time players put into the event, the more prizes they obtain. If you complete four daily SBCs in a row, you will get the prize for the Objectives event. The celebration also brings login rewards. Depending on the number of unique played days since FUT 21 was released in October 2020, players get rewards. If you have played for 22 days but no longer than 66, you get a Jumbo Premium Gold pack. For 112 days, you obtain a Prime Gold Players pack. If you have 145 days into the game, you earn a Rare Mega pack. Those who have spent more than 146 days get an Ultimate pack. You have until April 9th to obtain these prizes.

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