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FUT 22 – Superheroes on the Loose! (Part 3) time 09/22/2021

U7Buy is the only source for all your FUT Coin deals not found anywhere else! Following on previous entries of this mini-series, Part 3 will be focusing on a number of past legends who had made their marks throughout history too! ...

FUT 22 – Superheroes on the Loose (Part 2) time 09/16/2021

U7Buy is the best place for all your FUT 22 Coin deals and packages not found anywhere else on the Internet right now! Following Part 1 of this FUT Heroes list last time around, let’s take a look at a number of legendary icons who ...

FUT 22 – Superheroes on the Loose (Part 1) time 09/14/2021

U7Buy continues to rank as the best FUT 22 Coin site that you can find in the market today!   With FUT 22 now just a few weeks away from launching all over the world, let’s take a look at the game’s new FUT promo pl...

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